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If you own or manage a commercial establishment in Ellenton, Fl. read this section carefully.

You will need quality, professional locksmith services at some point in your business career.

Look around at work - locks and keys are everywhere! Front and back doors, safes with combinations, keyless entries, desks and cabinets, alarms with codes, interior doors and conference rooms, etc.

Sometimes these locks need repair. Other times, they need to be rekeyed.
At times, staff can accidentally lock themselves out. Attempted break-ins happen too.
When is the best time to find a qualified, commercial locksmith? Not when you need one in a hurry! Be pro-active, and engage the services of an experienced outfit before you need one. Call Ellenton Locksmith today and ask us any questions you may have. Make an appointment for a security and safety assessment of your business building and location. Planning ahead now, will save you money and stress later! Here's the best number to call us:

Call us at (941) 538-6994

As you can see from reading about us, Ellenton Locksmith is no ordinary outfit like you find in the free classified ads.

Basically, we have taken out all the guesswork, in using a professional locksmith. We are highly trained and fully insured. We are available 24 hours a day, and can handle any type of work you may need. Be it your car, your house or your business, we can do it. We do guaranteed work and we are affordable.

Best of all, we are nice, friendly people. What more could you ask for?
Call us today and try us out. We promise that you will love what do for you. Talk to you soon.

Call us at (941) 538-6994

If you are an Ellenton, Florida businessperson, you need quality, professional locksmith services on a regular basis.

Look around your business - locked and secured areas are everywhere. From desks and file cabinets, to conference room doors, and staff mailboxes. From lockers and office doors, to safe's and company vehicles.

Not only do you need periodic rekey service, you also have employee turnover. When key employees leave or are terminated, you need fast and reliable lock changes.

If someone attempts to break in or rob you and they incur damage to your lock mechanisms, you need qualified, expert locksmith help in repairing that damage.

As your business grows and thrives, you need expansion advice on how to secure your new assets and warehouse or office square footage.

As the economy continues to tank, crime is ever on the rise and new security and surveillance measures need to be implemented.

If you employees work late and accidentally lock themselves out of your building, you need fast, trustworthy locksmith service within minutes of your call.

Does all this sound like a tall order? It really isn't if you pre-plan and line up a company like Ellenton Locksmith ahead of time.

We have been serving the business community in Ellenton, Fl. for decades. Our mobile locksmiths can leave for your location fast, just call us - day or night.

Our locksmith trucks are loaded with the latest and most up to date locks and key making equipment. We can assess your security and safety needs professionally and affordably.

We can offer your business the following services:

  • employee termination rekey services
  • electronic buzzers installed
  • safes opened with no damage
  • safe combinations changed
  • commercial key duplication
  • emergency lockout services
  • closed circuit television
  • camera integration with smart phones and tablets
  • security and safety assessment
  • intrusion vulnerability assessment
  • ongoing commercial locksmith advice
  • interior doors rekeyed
  • desks, cabinets and storage lockers rekeyed
  • high security commercial locks installed

Ellenton Locksmith is currently providing expert commercial locksmith services to area schools, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, property managers, apartment rentals, warehouses and realtors.

No job is too small or too large for us to handle. We are a local business too and we know what it takes to secure one properly.

Put our 27 years of combined experience to work for you and call us today. Invite us to come to your location and make recommendations. Ask us any questions you may have. If you like what you hear from us (and you will), then give our telephone number to your key employees. They need to know who to call if commercial locksmith needs are required.

Make Ellenton Locksmith part of your success team. When it comes to conducting business - we have your back!

Call us at (941) 538-6994